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Upholstery Cleaning Is Just A Phone Call Away

At Dale’s Carpet Cleaning, we care. A lot. And it shows.

Clean. Light. Bright. Fresh. That’s a healthy home!

Let’s be honest here: if you use your furniture, (and that’s why you bought it, isn’t it?) it’s probably dirty right now. Filthy. Grimy. Smelly. Sometimes you don’t realize how dirty it was until you have it cleaned. The before and after can be shocking! Dust, pollen, germs, food stains, pet odors, etc., are all just part of a well-used home.

Life just happens; you don’t have to sit back and take it, though. Regular upholstery cleaning by the pros at Dale’s Carpet Cleaning can restore health to your home.

If you have carpet, up to 80% of the dust and dirt that enters your house will end up settling into your upholstered fabrics and furniture, carrying with it bacteria that can make you or your loved ones ill. Mold, dust, mildew and other allergens thrive in upholstered environments. Over time, you forget how light and bright your upholstery once was, and how clean your home looked when your furniture was new.

Dale’s will come in and put our 40 years of experience and the latest, Earth-friendly technology and products to work and improve your home’s air quality, brighten the atmosphere and extend the life of your upholstered fabrics.

We can help with the following areas:

  • Tough soil stains
  • Water damage
  • Pet odors
  • Rug cleaning

Clean, light, bright and fresh is a phone call away! At Dale’s Carpet Cleaning, we care. A lot. And it shows.