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Expertly Done: Hard Surface, Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dale’s Will Make Life Beautiful Again with Clean Tile and Grout!

Scrubbing your own tile and grout not only makes you ugly, it’s bad for your relationships. You spend all day on your hands and knees with a tiny brush, and the results are usually pretty dismal anyway. Add to that the stress of yelling, “Hey—do you have any idea how long spent scrubbing that grout?!” every time someone steps into the room, well, frankly, you’re ugly and no one wants to be around you.

Seriously, though, cleaning tile and grout is difficult and time-consuming. Grout is a magnet for dirt, grease and grime, soap scum and mildew. And, even though you clean on a regular basis, discolored tile and grout makes the entire room look dingy.

At Dale’s Carpet Cleaning, we have over 40 years of experience making DIY grout cleaners, and their homes, beautiful again. Examples of hard-surface flooring we tackle include: ceramic tile, polished concrete, quarry kitchen tile, brick walkways, concrete walls, and more.

We’ll be in and out and on our way before you can even find your scrub brush and gloves!

Why have your hard surfaces professionally cleaned?

  • Deep cleaning: Grout is porous and absorbs all kinds of dirt and spills over time. Our industrial-grade equipment and Earth-friendly products produce results you could never get spending the day on your hands and knees with a toothbrush. Your home looks, feels and smells cleaner when you have your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Indoor air quality improves when the mold and mildew problems are addressed.
  • Sealant: To preserve the look of your professionally-cleaned tile and grout for months to come, we’ll apply sealant to increase dirt, spill, and stain-resistance.
  • Convenience: Cleaning tile and grout by hand is time-consuming, messy and downright thankless. Who has the time? Dale’s Carpet Cleaning will be in and out before you know it, making your tile and grout look like new again, while you spend your day doing things you enjoy.

Clean, light, bright and fresh is a phone call away! At Dale’s Carpet Cleaning, we care. A lot. And it shows.