carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


We’ve all been there. Carpet stains and everyday dirt. The weariness of renting cleaning equipment. The lack of knowledge about commercial cleaning. But Dale’s Cleaning Services and Supplies is one-stop shopping when it comes to seeking a solution to these problems. We restore the beauty and life of your carpets through Hot Water Extraction.

What’s Hot Water Extraction, you ask? Easy! The best way to clean your carpets. Ever. Our system is powerful and goes deep. Some call this ‘steam cleaning,’ but let’s keep it authentic here (there’s little to no steam involved). Hot Water Extraction is the real deal and really good at extending the life of your carpets. With Hot Water Extraction, it’s best to schedule cleaning your carpets annually. There are other health benefits to this service as well: cleaner indoor air, especially for those asthma-related sufferers, and a reduction in the environmental triggers like bacteria and mold, even critters like fleas and mites, once those carpets have been cleaned. This method doesn’t use harmful chemicals. We’re committed to being green!

When you hire Dale’s, you’re hiring a green friendly company who will do right by the environment, as well as by you. Cleaning does not have to mean abrasive, harsh, and toxic. Creating a helpful impact on your life, without creating a harmful impact on the earth is our goal. We use eco-friendly supplies that are safe, and yet effective. Trust us to do the right thing. We know you want a clean home, a clean business, but also want to preserve a clean earth. That’s what you deserve. In choosing Dale’s, you’re choosing to help create a cleaner environment for us all. Your peace of mind is safe with us.